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(In below, “CaterBee”, “we”, “us”, “our”, represents CaterBee HR Solutions Limited).
This website is built for marketing purpose, all information, facts & figures are for your general reference only, we reserve all rights in making final decisions and disclaim all potential losses or problems may have caused after your viewing of our website contents.

Service Terms & Conditions:

1. Final Service Details, Rate Structure, Terms & Conditions:
Final service details, rate structure, service terms & conditions will be based on the official contract issued by us.

2. Facts & Figures in this website:
All information, facts and figures showing in this website are honest and true but can only be used as reference only, for instance, some of our clients’ revenue up to 200% due to our talent recruitment service as reflected by clients but this fact cannot be regarded as service promise. This is just to show you the best possible outcome of receiving good talent search service from us.

3. Guarantee Period & Candidate Replacement:
Part-Time Position: 7 Days
Full-Time Permanent Position: Minimum 1 Month (30 days)
Commencing from the first working day.
If the candidate is resigned or terminated with reasonable ground from your company within the guarantee period stated above, with your written notice to us within 7 days of the original candidate’s resignation or termination of employment, also, provided that the original service fee is fully paid before deadline, CaterBee will arrange one free replacement for the related position based on the same job specifications.
If unfortunately, no suitable candidate is accepted by your company within 2 months for replacement, counting from the first day the original candidate’s resignation or termination of employment, we will issue a credit note (see credit note section) for your future usage on CaterBee services. Caterbee reserves all rights in making final decisions on credit note issuing.
If the total remuneration of the replacement candidate is higher than original candidate, we will charge extra fee for the differences with proportion to the service rate structure stated in this document. If the total remuneration is unchanged or lower, no adjustment will be made on original service fee.

4. Total Remuneration Calculation:
Part-Time Staff: Total Remuneration involved in the first 3 months;
Full-Time Permanent Staff: Total Annual Remuneration
(including bonus, commissions & allowances; excluding MPF.)

5. Service Disclaimer:
At all times, CaterBee disclaims all legal responsibilities, losses or disputes between employer(s) and employee(s)/candidate(s). CaterBee is simply operating as a HR solutions agency, searching, screening, facilitating and matching suitable candidate(s) for our corporate (employer) clients, through our professional screening and matching process. At all times, unless stated or specified, no candidate is employed by CaterBee, and there is no employment relationship between CaterBee and all candidates, and all salary payments will be settled directly between employer(s) and employee(s) unless special arrangements is stated. CaterBee will only do our business strictly based on HKSAR Law; any other form of actions that violate HKSAR law is strictly prohibited.

6. Information Correctness and Updates:
To ensure CaterBee is providing the most accurate, updated and useful information, the information you provided during our recruitment service process is now declared as correct, real and honest. Also, if there is any update on related information, you have the responsibility to notify us. If we find the information wrong or misleading, we reserve rights to edit or delete the related information from our database.
About candidates’ information, CaterBee will try our best to ensure the information is correct. However, we disclaim from any legal responsibilities about the information correctness supplied by candidates.

7. Dishonest Actions towards CaterBee:
We are a service based company who are earning income through service fee, if there is any evidence showing that companies or candidates have deliberately doing dishonest acts to CaterBee at anytime during the matching process, we reserve all rights in launching legal actions to regain the losses that CaterBee originally deserves.
Examples of Dishonest Actions,
- Declare HR recruitment service unsuccessful but actually not, to evade the service fee;
- Referring candidates introduced by CaterBee to third parties or other companies within 12 months since the last referral without noticing CaterBee;
- Employ a candidate who is introduced by CaterBee within 12 months since the last referral date and not noticing CaterBee.
- Or any other form of dishonest actions that intended to evade the service fee.
If any candidate who originally introduced by CaterBee is hired or referred to third parties or companies within 12 months since the last referral by you, CaterBee reserves rights to charge the relevant service fee stated in this contract, which will be paid by the client (company) who sign this document.

8. Confidentiality of Candidate’s Information
CaterBee and Corporate Clients should always and only use candidates’ personal information for the use in ability evaluation during the hiring process. We must never share, disclose and distribute candidates’ personal information to third parties that is unrelated to the HR hiring process.

9. Credit Note & No-Refund Policies
No Refund is offered at all times.
Credit note will be issued if the conditions are fulfilled as stated in Guarantee Period & Candidate Replacement Section.
The credit note will be 65% of the fee paid and it is valid for 12 months against the issue date. It can be used for services that CaterBee is providing.

10. Enquiries of Service via Email, Phone or Instant Messaging Apps
We accept business communication via email, phone or instant messaging apps, such as Whatsapp, Line, SMS or other similar communication channels. All communication details and records are regarded as formal business messages and will be recorded and accepted as formal business dialogue for future reference.

11. NO PLACEMENT, NO CHARGE ; Definition of Success Recruitment Service & Invoicing
Once the candidate(s) proposed by CaterBee is accepted and on board (start working at your company), the recruitment service case is declared success. At any time before the candidate(s) is/are accepted or on board, it is free of charge unless you agreed to spend on additional services, i.e. advertisement. When a case is declared success, we will issue invoice for your payment arrangement.

CaterBee reserves all rights in making final decisions at all times.